Kimberly’s Bio

I was blessed to grow up with a family who were very connected to natural medicine, and my passion for it began at a young age. I’ve followed this desire to explore complementary medicine for nearly 20 years.

Some of the therapies I’ve studied include:

  • Acupressure and Chinese medicine
  • Emotional polarity therapy
  • Reiki
  • Feng Shui
  • Quantum Biofeedback
  • Esoteric healing
  • Causal realignment
  • Herbology
  • EFT

I have had the privilege of meeting scientists and some of the best medical doctors in North America, and I find it personally enriching to attend medical conferences.

My Oma (Grandmother) and Aunt played the piano and accordion. My appreciation for music and the happiness it brought me began there. I started singing competitively at age 8 and I continued to sing in choirs throughout my youth.

I had my first experience playing the crystal bowls in 1998.  I gained experience through individual musical sessions for cancer patients at a facility for complementary medicine in Mexico.

Timeline and Discography:

2000: I began to understand how deeply music and language are connected. Acknowledging and understanding that everything has its own vibrational frequency inspired me to start decoding language and I focused on the healing benefits that are created through music.

2010: I began hosting and performing at my own public events where audiences could experience vibrational music and decoding language. The focus of each event is to assist in experiencing the essences of language through vibrational frequencies and to create balance effortlessly in the world and within ourselves.

2011: My first CD was published: “Sound Spinal Alignment”.  I felt it appropriate to begin with the spine as it is the basis of our being. This CD is a very dreamy experience as the body, mind and soul adjust and align the spine and vertebras with resonance of the crystal bowls, water and chimes

2012:  “I am” CD was published, a musical mirror of who we are and who we desire to be. This CD decodes language into vibrational medicine use the resonance of the quartz crystal bowls, voice and rhythmic beats.

2012: “Vitality” Transformation of Disease was published.  When aspects of the body, mind or soul vibrates non-harmoniously, we experience dis-ease. As  we journey musically into the depths of our being we can transform our dis-ease into… Vitality!  This CD has the vibrations of crystal bowls with didgeridoo and other hypnotics sounds.

I look forward to producing more CDs in the future, that will assist our well-being and the well being of the planet with love, peace, harmony and joy…musically!

Many Blessings of Light & Music ~

Kimberly Mast