Crystal Bowl Private Sessions

Personalize your Vibrational Music Therapy with a private session by Kimberly Mast. She will work with you to come up with a series of words that will enhance your healing journey. Once your words are chosen, Kimberly will transform them into their true musical vibration using the resonance of quartz crystal bowls. During the private session, you will be enveloped in the vibrational frequency of your words as Kimberly plays their songs via quartz crystal bowls that are set up near your charkas. This allows the essences of the language to penetrate your subconscious mind, body and spirit. You will easily find a meditative state through these vibrations and effortlessly absorb the subliminal messages. This intimate vibrational healing session allows you to find inner balance using transformative words that are personal to your soul’s wellbeing.


I’m still feeling the reverberations of a private session of Vibrational Music Therapy with Quartz Crystal Bowls by Kimberly Mast a week later. During the session, I could feel the musical vibrations of my chosen words open my chakras allowing the healing energy of my spiritual words to penetrate my body on a cellular level. It was an intense experience to be surrounded by the resonance energy of the quartz crystal bowls and I could feel the vibrations through my body long after the session ended. It was such a profound experience that I immediately wanted a quartz crystal bowl of my own to assist me in my daily meditation practice. The private Vibrational Music Therapy session freely created harmonious balance in my chakras and allowed my subconscious to fully absorb my chosen spiritual words. I look forward to another session in the near future. –Lisa S